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A Game of Bones

Padraig Meehan
Office of Public Works

This year's Carrowmore National Heritage Week event is a series of short presentations by the guiding staff of Carrowmore Visitor Centre focussed on different interpretations of who constructed and made use of the ancient monuments in the Sligo landscape. From at least the seventeenth century, people - using the evidence at their disposal - have theorised as to the identity of the architects. In the very recent past, new evidence based on genetics and other disciplines, including stable isotope studies, archaeo-botany, and archaeology, have necessitated further revision of existing theories. Each of the Carrownmore team have chosen a set of related topics. Over the course of National Heritage Week these will be posted on the Carrowmore Facebook page, and a group discussion will also be conducted with an invitation to the public to contribute questions or comments.

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