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Developing your project

Every journey starts with a first step. Take a look at these resources to help you choose your Heritage Week project, and don't forget to check out the other sections for lots more!

Heritage Resource Guide: Making Connections with the Past and Present

This guide has been assembled by the Heritage Council for the benefit of those interested in learning more about the heritage of Ireland and its connection to the wider world, whether that be historical, environmental, or traditional elements of our past and present societies.

Ireland's National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Take a look at the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage for inspiration for your project. The inventory exists to promote, protect and celebrate Ireland’s living cultural heritage. It provides official State recognition of cultural practices all around Ireland.

Oral History Network of Ireland

The Oral History Network of Ireland brings together individuals, local history groups and academics, collecting and using oral history, so that each can learn from the other. It offers advice and training on how best to carry out oral history projects including ethics, interview skills, etc.

The Irish Archive Resource

This portal will link you to archival collections throughout the island of Ireland. Archives are the documents and records that relate to people, places, organisations, and events. You can use this portal to locate archives relating to your area of interest or research topic.

Ask about Ireland - Libraries

Explore the exciting online content from Ireland's public libraries. Collections include digitised articles, photos, audios, illustrations, drawings, indexes and historical documents.

Online time machine

A Heritage Council tutorial for primary school children, their teachers and parents presented by Heritage in Schools Specialist, John D. Ruddy.