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What is National Heritage Week?

National Heritage Week is a nine day celebration of Ireland’s natural, built and cultural heritage. The main aim of the Week is to promote awareness of our heritage thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation. It is part of European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Who organises National Heritage Week?

The Heritage Council coordinates and promotes Heritage Week nationally and many organisations and individuals take part in Heritage Week by organising events around the country. The Heritage Council first began coordinating the week in 2005 and since then the week has gone from strength to strength with over 2,000 events now taking place during the week each year.

How do I find out about events in my area?

From the end of May each year search for events in your area through our event search page or you can download a county event guide (PDF). You can also find out about events in your area in the printed National Heritage Week event guide which is distributed nationwide.

Where will I be able to find the National Heritage Week event guide?

The National Heritage Week event guide is distributed nationwide in the following locations:

  • Failte Ireland Tourist Offices
  • Libraries
  • OPW Sites
  • Heritage Centres & Historical Societies
  • CNCI Members
  • NPWS Sites
  • Heritage Officers and County Councils
  • An Oige Hostels
  • Museums
  • Bus Eireann Stations
  • Various Hotels

When will the National Heritage Week event guide be available?

The guide will be on shelves at the end of July.

Are all events free during National Heritage Week?

Many events are free of charge (88% in 2019) and The Heritage Council encourages event organisers to run free events during the week as much as possible. Where it is not possible to hold a free event discounted/concession rates should apply.

How do I provide feedback regarding an event I attended during National Heritage Week?

You can provide feedback at heritageweek@heritagecouncil.ie

Who should I contact if I require further information about National Heritage Week?

Should you require further information please contact The Heritage Council on 1850 200 878 or at heritageweek@heritagecouncil.ie.

Where can I find information about the Heritage Council’s grant scheme?

Information on the Heritage Councils grant schemes is available here

“Heritage belongs to people and we are all custodians of our rich natural and cultural heritage. The aim of the grants programme is to encourage and enable people throughout Ireland to enjoy, record, conserve, restore and celebrate the distinctive qualities of their local heritage, their community and their environment. We hope to build on the wonderful range of projects that have been carried out on a voluntary basis by many communities throughout the country over the past number of years”.

Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council