19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

Volunteer Programme

Cliff Flewitt and Staff at Stradbally Steam Train , pictured on Sunday last -during Heritage Week events . Photo: Michael Scully - No Reproduction Fee.

Are you looking for volunteers during National Heritage Week?

We often hear from people wishing to volunteer during National Heritage Week so if you need a volunteer to help out with your National Heritage Week event(s) just let us know and we’ll post the details on our website.  All you have to do is email the following information to heritageweek@heritagecouncil.ie

Volunteer Information

  • Title of Event
  • Name & Address of Organisation
  • Location of Volunteering Activities
  • Types of Volunteering Activities
  • Experience Required (if any)
  • Duration Volunteers Required For
  • Contact Details

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