The theme for Heritage Week 2017 is Nature and People.

This presents us with a rare opportunity to put nature to the forefront of the public’s mind, to combine our efforts to increase understanding of our natural heritage and to change behaviours and attitudes towards nature. With this in mind your event should where possible:

  • Promote the interdependence and /or interaction of people and nature
  • Encourage families and children to get outdoors more often and value what our natural world has to offer (relaxation, wellbeing, good health).
  • Emphasise the benefits of protecting our natural heritage (jobs, tourism, water, food, flood control, health and enjoyment).

National Heritage Week is your opportunity to play a part in creating awareness of Ireland’s natural heritage and helping to conserve and preserve it for the future. Here are 100 Ideas for you to get started!

We also encourage events focused on the following aspects of natural heritage in 2017

  • urban wildlife
  • pollinators
  • habitats
  • natural history
  • night skies