19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

Events Policy

TaffesCastle2_resizedThe Heritage Council aims to ensure that National Heritage Week events are inclusive and accessible to all.

All event organisers must try to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for their event.

All events should clearly demonstrate an educational heritage value.

All events should clearly highlight a specific aspect of natural, cultural or built heritage.

If the event is a business as usual activity and/or is a commercial event you we ask that you offer a concession on the normal price.

If the event has limited capacity this must be clearly stated in your event description and booking details must be provided.

All events must be professionally run and organised to ensure the best possible experience for the general public with correct health and safety procedures in place.

In the event of an event being cancelled event organisers must make every effort to communicate this locally and place notification with apologies at the designated meeting place to ensure that anyone who turns up is not needlessly waiting.

Inclusion in the National Heritage Week event listings is at the discretion and judgement of the Heritage Council. The Heritage Council reserves the right not to include any events it deems unsuitable for the National Heritage Week programme or which do not add value to National Heritage Week.

Click here to view the Event Organiser Toolkit for advice on event planning, PR and health and safety.

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