19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

Event Registration FAQs


Can anyone organise an event for National Heritage Week?

Yes, any organisation, individual, business, or community group can organise an event for National Heritage Week.

How can I register an event?

Registration will open in May 2016.

What is the deadline for event registration?

The deadline for event registration for inclusion in the National Heritage Week event guide which is distributed nationwide to tourist offices, county councils, OPW sites and various other national and cultural institutions is the 10th of June. Events can be registered for online listings until the 19th of August.

What kind of events are suitable to organise?

All sorts of events can be organised.  The length and breadth of the heritage spectrum is covered throughout the Week with events arranged covering all areas of interest such as Archaeology, Archives, Coastal & Marine, Folklore (Music/Dance/Storytelling/Poetry), Forests & Woodlands, Genealogy, Geology, Historic Buildings, Gardens & Parks, Industrial Heritage, Inland Waterways, Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands, Landscapes, Living History (Re-enactments/Displays), Local History, Military, Museums, Galleries and Historic Collections, Sport, Traditional Skills, Transport, Walled Towns, Wildlife and Family events.

Activities can range from walks, talks, festivals, tours, lectures, storytelling, exhibitions, historical re-enactments, craft demonstrations, workshops to outdoor activities. For more event ideas see our 100 Event Ideas booklet. Many heritage sites and historic buildings offer free admission or special concessions.

How can my community benefit from organising an event during National Heritage Week?

In Ireland we have great resources on our doorsteps and National Heritage Week provides opportunities to learn new skills, make contacts and engage with your local community and heritage.  The week offers new ideas, enjoyment and an important educational opportunity.

In addition cultural heritage is the foundation of Ireland’s tourism industry.  The week provides a fantastic opportunity for communities to showcase the natural and cultural heritage in their area, attract visitors and raise revenue for their town or village.

How can I promote my event within my community?

There are lots of ways you can promote your event within your community.  These include posters, local radio, local press, and simply by spreading the word.  For further info see our event organiser toolkit.

Is National Heritage Week promoted nationally?

Yes, The Heritage Council promotes the week nationally via an integrated Advertising (TV, Radio, Press and Online), Marketing and PR campaign.

How do I organise insurance for an event?

Each individual organiser is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate level of insurance is in place for their event.  Contact your insurer to find out what level of insurance you need.

What should I do if the event I organise has to be cancelled?

If you have no option but to cancel your event please ensure you notify Niamh Donnellan in The Heritage Council as early as possible and make every effort to notify your local community through as many means possible.

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