19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

Health and Safety

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Anyone who organises events or manages places that attract members of the public should have a health and safety management system in place to anticipate, monitor and control potential risks.  Before you hold your event you should carry out a thorough inspection of your venue and identify anything that might cause harm to your visitors and take the necessary precautions.

 1. Look out for any physical features or objects that could lead to accidents or overcrowding.  These may include:

  • Steep steps
  • Uneven or slippery flooring
  • Dead ends and locked gates

2. Identify your potential visitor groups (e.g. children, elderly people, people with special needs etc) and what obstacles and hidden hazards they may encounter when visiting your building or participating in your event.  They are usually not familiar with the layout and facilities of the venue and this unfamiliarity forms a hazard.

3. Evaluate the risks and decide whether existing precautions are adequate or more should be done by: 

  • Closing all areas which could be dangerous
  • Signposting hazards
  • Having capable volunteers to point out any hazards to visitors and take charge in an emergency
  • Checking your First-Aid kit is complete
  • Making sure there is a working telephone on site
  • Providing emergency escape that is safe and effective for all
  • Liasing with outside organisations such as police and other emergency services 

The Venue

  • Consider what level of wheelchair access is available.
  • Consider car parking facilities
  • Ensure you are equipped to cater for the audience you want to attract.  For example, if you want to encourage families you may need to think about toilet and baby changing facilities.
  • Make it clear in advance to visitors if there are any difficulties with access to the property.
  • If you are expecting a lot of traffic notify the police and ask for advice on your arrangements and organise local residents about the event and any possible disruptions to traffic.
  • Speak to your local Fire Safety Officer for advice on fire safety precautions.
  • Make sure you have a telephone and first aid kit on site.

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