19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

Event Management

Photo-42-butterflys-ballymum_resizedHere are some tips to bear in mind when planning your National Heritage Week event:

  • Check out insurance requirements and ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for your event.
  • Think about your target audience –the more your event appeals to as wide an audience as possible the more successful it will be.
  • Try to ensure that your event has as wide a generational appeal as possible.
  • Have activities that will keep younger children entertained, ‘creativity corners’ where they can create and display their artwork relating to your event always adds colour to an event.
  • Encourage people to take photos of the event with their cameras and smart phones. They could enter them into our competitions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and at the same time highlight your event.
  • Ensure that your venue is as accessible as it can be for all. Make sure that any areas which may be an issue for people with mobility difficulties are clearly highlighted.
  • Be ready on the day! Make sure that, in as much as possible, everything is prepared in advance and that there is no last minute rush to open on the day.
  • Use maps as much as possible in all publicity so that you make it easy for people unfamiliar with your area to find your event.
  • Any interactive material, displays or activities that you can include in your event will really help to engage your audience.
  • Recruit volunteers and make sure that you have all the help you need. Make sure that everyone working with you on the day has been well briefed about how the day will run and what the running schedule is.
  • Ensure that, however small your event, you have a First Aid plan in place and that everyone working on the event is familiar with it.
  • Keep track of visitor numbers –give out entrance tickets as a simple way to keep track.
  • Ask your audience to fill out  feedback surveys as a way of gathering useful information on how things might be better next year.  And make sure you have enough pens and clipboards!


If your event takes place outdoors please follow the simple guidelines below to ensure that you leave the area as you find it:


  1. Plan ahead and prepare
  2. Be considerate of others
  3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
  4. Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
  5. Leave What You Find
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly
  7. Minimise the Effects of Fire


Please email us at heritageweek@heritagecouncil.ie if you need to make any changes to the event details you have submitted. Changes can still be made online right up to the day of your event. If for any reason you have to cancel your event please notify the press and public locally.

Benefits of a successful National Heritage Week event:

  • By offering an imaginative event which appeals to a wide audience you may be able to encourage visitors to become members of your organisation.
  • Your event can inspire learning in people of all ages and kindle people’s interest and pride in their surroundings.
  • You can help foster pride in your community.
  • You can spread the word about your work through press and media coverage and get your message out to potential funders as well as new visitors/members.
  • See our publications section for lots of useful articles and advice on working with children and how to enhance the visitor experience.

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