19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017

100 Event Ideas

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People and Place: 100 Years of Heritage

For National Heritage Week 2016, we invite you to take a journey back through one hundred years of Ireland, discovering the lives of those who came before us.

In this centenary year, what better time to celebrate the last one hundred years of Ireland’s heritage: historical, archaeological, architectural and environmental. How did people live, what did they eat, how did they travel, what jobs did they do? What was life like for a soldier, a farmer, a nurse or a schoolchild? What was important to those that lived in Ireland then, are these things still important to us now? What has been saved and what has disappeared?

This Heritage Week we want you to celebrate, share and enjoy aspects of this story. 

Here are 100 ideas to get you started…

100 Event Ideas for National Heritage Week 2016

1 Walking tour pointing out places that were significant 100 years ago.
2 Record a guided tour that can be downloaded and walked independently.
3 Sketching tour of interesting buildings and landscapes.
4 Walking tour recreating a typical day 100 years ago with costumed speakers along the way.
5 Cycling tour of a town or landscape.
6 Hiking tour of a national park.
7 Create an accessible tour e.g. wheelchair friendly, sensory friendly or a walk for the blind.
8 Ask language students to give your tour in different languages.
9 Ghost tour. A night-time tour with ‘surprise guests’ in costume along the way.
10 Tour of an building significant 100 years ago.
11 Secrets of… tour. Focus on little known facts, stories and places.
12 Lunchtime tour for office workers.
13 Running tour bringing joggers around your town or area.
14 Kayak tour on the coast, rivers or canals.
15 Boat tour to an island exploring its history.
16 Visit to a local forest exploring the trees and wildlife.
17 Railway tour with stops at stations along the way.
18 Traditional craft demonstrations and workshops e.g. forging, weaving, pottery, thatching, tile making, glass making etc.
19 Vintage machinery demonstrations using machinery from 100 years ago.
20 Day out in the bog exploring plants and wildlife.
21 Craft Lessons e.g. lacemaking, knitting, weaving following 100 year old styles or patterns.
22 Abseiling off a local landmark.
23 Hot Air Balloon rides over an area of historical significance.
24 Interactive event where actors play the parts of different people in 1916 e.g. two brothers who are fighting on opposite sides.
25 Host a storytellers evening encouraging people young and old to tell stories.

26 Ask local historians or academics from the nearest university to give a talk.
27 Talk with relevant artefacts on display and permitted to be handled.
28 “What it says in the papers” – choose a day 100 years ago and discuss what it said in the papers. Visit the National Library for copies of the relevant newspapers.
29 Food 100 years ago – Mix a history talk with a cookery demonstration using old recipes.
30 Talk about local people involved in the Easter Rising.
31 Fashion 100 years ago – illustrated talk.
32 Transport 100 years ago – the rise of the motorcar, trains, trams etc.
33 Research your local military history and give a talk on the results.
34 ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ – A talk on servants 100 years ago.
35 Agriculture 100 years ago.
36 Run a half day course with a historian about how to conduct documentary research.
37 Genealogy course “Researching Your Family Tree”.
38 Entertainment 100 years ago – Explore theatres, music halls, and popular entertainers.
39 The tenements 100 years ago.
40 Medicine 100 years ago.
41 Work and Industry 100 years ago.
42 Talk on Irish involvement in the Battle of the Somme.
43 Talk on Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic.
44 Talk on the history of Daylight Saving Time (introduced in 1916).
45 Film night showing documentaries or footage of 100 years ago.
46 Plan a seminar with a few speakers on the same theme.
47 Debate on “Do People Make Places?”.
48 Debate on “What does 1916 mean to you?”.
49 Debate on heritage and identity. “What makes us who we are?”.
50 Community Discussion on improving the historic streetscape of your town.
51 Exhibition on local events, people and places 100 years ago.
52 Exhibition of old photographs, documents or letters. Ask the public for submissions.
53 An exhibition telling the story of a typical day 100 years ago.
54 Art exhibition inspired by life 100 years ago. Ask the public to submit their artwork.
55 Display of old vehicles or vintage machinery.

56 Plan a fun family treasure hunt with a small prize at the end.
57 A children’s workshop on life 100 years ago. Learn what was happening in their area.
58 Create a Diorama of a scene from 100 years ago that children can play with.
59 School 100 years ago – Children sit in a lesson from 100 years ago with a teacher in costume.
60 Craft workshop e.g. make a game from 100 years ago.
61 A hands-on exhibition on children’s lives 100 years ago.
62 Archaeology discovery box with copies of artefacts to be dug up by kids.
63 Ask your local library to create a display of books from 100 years ago.
64 Toys from 100 years ago – Allow children to play with old toys or make their own.
65 Lego building competition. Build a local or national landmark.
66 Art competition for children finishing with an exhibition during Heritage Week.
67 Play 100 years ago – Learn the games children played.
68 Art competition that children can do while they visit to your venue.
69 Colouring competition for younger children.
70 Bio Blitz. Use maps and species check sheets to survey how many species of plants, insects, birds and animals can be found in different habitats.
71 Fancy-dress competition with prizes for the best costume.
72 Heritage Detectives. Children have to solve clues together on their visit to a museum.
73 Plan a nature trail through a wood, on the seashore etc.
74 Urban Explorers – create a map children can follow around your town.
75 A camp out. Learn about wildlife, tell stories around the campfire.
76 Storytelling for children.
77 Have a children and grandparents day where they share stories about childhood.

78 Shopfront Trail. Ask local shopkeepers to explore the history of their business with a window display e.g. a chemist could display old bottles and ledgers and advertisements.
79 Create a Heritage trail around your local area.
80 Create a 1916 town trail. Decorate a room in the local shop, school or pub to look like it did 100 years ago.
Have people in costume greet visitors and tell them about life 100 years ago.
81 Festival or heritage day celebrating your local area 100 years ago.
82 Street party focused on 100 years ago with food, costumes and games to match the era.
83 Heritage Picnic in the Park.
84 ‘Bee friendly’ – Make your area more pollinator friendly by encouraging people to see their roadsides, parks and gardens as potential pit-stops for our busy bees.
85 Have a clean-up day for your area. Around a local monument, a section of the river etc.
86 Recreate a traditional market with produce for sale and craft demonstrations.
87 Consider hosting events in quirky or unusual locations the public cannot usually access.
88 Work together with other event organisers in your area e.g. Historical Society and Scout group.
89 Collect photos of your area from 100 years ago and then take photos of the same places today.
90 Recreate photos and scenes from 100 years ago using costumes and props.
91 Create a new online resource with the help of your community e.g. online database of local stories, photos and documents.
92 Create a local heritage information website.
93 Record stories and memories from older people in your area and make them accessible to the public. Involve your local radio station or retirement home.
94 Write a play based 100 years ago and involve local community groups in producing it.
95 Photo/art competition on the theme of 100 Years of Heritage. Get the local paper involved to print the winning entry.
96 Plan a table quiz based on the heritage of your local area.
97 Create a Pop Up Museum for National Heritage Week.
98 Ask local businesses to sponsor events, give access to their archives or allow special tours of their buildings.
99 Make a patchwork quilt. Ask people in the community to make one square each based on local history.
100 Bring together a knitting group to knit a scene from local history.

Here is a downloadable PDF of this list: 100 Heritage Week Event Ideas 2016

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