Nature at your Fingertips

Do you want to learn more about our natural heritage and biodiversity?  Why not check out these 10 free nature apps. Learn something new or help record and share your encounters with nature.  

BioDiversity Data Capture (iOS) (Android)

This app allows quick and easy recording of biodiversity in Ireland. Capture details of any species you encounter in the field, and send the records directly to the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s national database.

Project Noah (iOS)

Project Noah is a global way to share your wildlife encounters and help document our planet's biodiversity. Think of Project Noah as a tool you can use to document and learn about your natural surroundings and as a technology platform research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

Irish Land Mammals (Android)

This app lets you identify Irish land mammals and report where you have seen them. It’s easy to use, you just select from the database the mammal you think you may have seen. Read the information about the mammal and decide if you have seen it.

Irish Birds (Android)

Irish Birds is ideal for bird watchers or just people who want to learn more about our feathered friends.  It has information on 212 regularly occurring species of bird in Ireland. It’s It includes lots of information about each bird including identification, breeding, diet, conservation status & wintering habits.

Identify Irish bees (Android)

As Bee numbers are on the rise, why not do your part and get out there and try spot and report a few. Again it is easy to use, match what you see to the database on the app and then report where you have seen it.

Identify Irish butterflies (Android)

This app works in a similar way to the bee and mammal app and is a fun one for kids to use, especially if you decide to have a day out in the countryside. Don’t forget to share and record your findings if you spot something. 

Butterflies of Britain and Ireland (iOS) ( Android)

This app offers a comprehensive field reference guide covering butterfly species that are found in Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe. The guide contains fantastic photos and information for all butterflies you see flitting by.

USB Bat Detector (Android)

This app has been developed as a volunteer effort to help increase the monitoring and reporting of bats in Ireland. You will need an external USB microphone to get it working, but it’s worth the effort.

PlantNet (iOS) (Android)

PlantNet is an image sharing and retrieval application for the identification of plants. With an extensive database, this app helps you identify plant species from photographs, through visual recognition software.

Sky View (iOS) (Android)

SkyView Free is a beautiful and intuitive stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in the sky, day or night. Find popular constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate planets in our solar system, discover distant galaxies and witness satellite fly-bys.