19-27 August 2017

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19-27 August 2017
19-27 August 2017


Enjoy Nature for Heritage Week 2017


As we roll along towards Christmas and the cold weather visits we are on our way to planning the biggest Heritage Week ever.

Heritage Week 2017 will take place from 19-27 August and we’re making 2017 the year we help more people learn about and enjoy Ireland’s nature.

Want to get involved as an event organiser?  While Heritage Week 2017 will see a greater focus than before on Ireland’s natural heritage, for all you archaeologists, artists and building enthusiasts, it is not just about wildlife. Our human nature and its historic output leaves plenty of space for creative interpretation!

Put your thinking caps on over the coming cold months and see where your imagination takes you and us in the year ahead.  Join our mailing list to learn more about how you can get involved in Heritage Week 2017.

Watch this preview and let’s get in touch with our nature!

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