Using Data for Nature

Data is not just for tech companies, it is also invaluable to understanding our natural surroundings and how to protect them.

Set up by the Heritage Council in 2007, the National Biodiversity Data Centre documents Ireland’s wildlife by recording, managing and analysing data and information. 

The NBDC needs citizen scientists like you to take part in the recording of Ireland’s diverse species. The information is validated and then made available on their Biodiversity Maps. There are many tutorials on their website to help guide you through the different aspects of recording and monitoring local species in your area. You can also download their Biodiversity App for iPhone and Android to help get you started.

In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, the NBDC has come up with some great Top 10 lists to highlight aspects of Ireland’s biodiversity.

Top 10 Seasonal Events

Top 10 Favourite Species

Top 10 Species Ireland has Lost

Top 10 Species we Risk Losing

Top 10 Conservation Success Stories

Top 10 Ways to Help Biodiversity

If you feel you would like to learn more about Ireland’s rich biodiversity check out the biodiversity events happening during National Heritage Week, 19-27 August 2017.